Learning Disability Testing in Michigan

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Living with a learning disability can feel frustrating at times. Learning disabilities affect every part of life, from school to social settings. There may not be a cure for most learning disorders, but there are proven coping mechanisms that minimize the frustrations.

The first step in learning those coping strategies is getting a definitive diagnosis. CNLD Testing & Therapy offers many forms of learning disability testing in Michigan, including the following:

  • Dyslexia Testing – For individuals who struggle with reading, memorization and sounding out words
  • Dyscalculia Testing – For those who struggle with number processing and mathematics
  • Dysgraphia – For people who have trouble with handwriting and fine motor skills.
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing (NVLD) – For those who struggle to interpret facial expressions, body language, and other nonverbal cues.
  • Reading Comprehension Deficit Testing – For children with difficulty understanding written or spoken information.
  • Auditory Processing Disorder Testing (APD) and Language Processing Disorder Testing (LPD) – For individuals who cannot interpret spoken information or distinguish differences in auditory sounds.

Additional testing services include autism testing, IQ testing, ADHD testing, anxiety testing, NVLD testing, gifted/twice-exceptional testing, neurological disorder testing, and other psychological evaluations. We’ll take the time to pinpoint the underlying conditions your child is battling. Then we can guide you through the treatment process. Contact us at (734) 994-9466 to start your journey.

How Common Are Learning Disabilities?

Approximately 8-10% of children under 18 have a learning disability. Dyslexia is America’s most prevalent learning disability, and many children experience more than one condition at once. For instance, your child may have dyslexia and ADHD, making school particularly challenging. Early diagnosis is the key to early treatment, which can help your child overcome these obstacles.

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If you’re interested in pursuing learning disability testing in Michigan, contact us at (734) 994-9466. Our knowledgeable staff members will gladly answer your questions, including insurance coverage amounts and appointment availability.

What to Do After Learning Disability Testing

Some testing providers give you a diagnosis and send you on your way. That will likely leave you with more questions than you had at the start. Here at CNLD Testing & Therapy, we walk you through the aftermath, so you never feel lost along the way.

  • Meet with a Specialist to Find the Root Cause of Your Child’s Symptoms
  • Work with an Educational Advocate to Learn about Accommodations Available to Your Child
  • Get an Official Diagnosis So You Can Pursue Personalized Treatment
  • Practice Coping Strategies at Home to Build Your Child’s Skills
  • Use Your Child’s Natural Strengths to Overcome Obstacles
  • Enjoy Ongoing Support from CNLD Testing & Therapy

You don’t have to face these challenges alone. The specialists at CNLD Testing & Therapy will walk you through each step along the way, from the initial testing consultation to treatment and coping skills. Reach out to learn about the tools and support available to you.

Learning Disabilities Often Accompany Other Struggles, Such as ADHD and Anxiety

A learning disability may be at the root of your child’s struggles, but there may be other factors at play as well. These complex situations require personalized testing and treatment. During our learning disability testing process, we will evaluate the possibility of co-occurring conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, giftedness, autism, and more. This detailed diagnosis will ensure you get the most helpful treatment possible from the start.

CNLD Testing & Therapy is proud to help individuals and families in Southeast Michigan. Contact us to schedule learning disability testing, mental health support, educational advocacy, or executive functions coaching.

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