Teen Therapy

Teens TherapyToday’s teens face a constant sea of stressors, pressures and depressors. Online bullying, social media addiction, fear of missing out (FOMO), depression, anxiety, social isolation, and peer pressure are just some of the many influences that dictate their thoughts and emotions. If you’re worried about your teen and would like help navigating the shift into adulthood, teen therapy could be an excellent choice for your family.

  • Find Personalized Coping Strategies for Depression, Anxiety, and Low Self-Esteem
  • Identify the Reasons behind Mental Health Struggles, Such as Past Traumas or Peer Influences
  • Work Together as a Family to Create a Safe, Healthy Environment for Every Family Member
  • Open a Path of Communication That Keeps the Whole Family in Sync
  • Create a Positive Support System That Teens Can Turn to in Times of Need
  • Learn Effective Solutions for Social Media Addiction, Gaming Addiction, Substance Abuse, and More

If you’d like to speak with our intake coordinator to learn more about teen therapy, give us a call at (734) 994-9466. We look forward to working with you.

Does My Child Actually Need Therapy?

As a parent, you may struggle to understand what is normal teen behavior versus a cry for help. Perhaps you’ve noticed your teen’s personality changed significantly, or you’ve seen a sudden drop in academic performance. Maybe your gut feeling says something just isn’t right.

The fact that you arrived at this page indicates that your family could benefit from teen therapy or family therapy. You know that the teen years are a time where your child is developing his/her own sense of self and identity; however, you also know that it can be a time of turmoil. At CNLD Testing & Therapy we will work with you and your teen to determine if extra supports are needed to navigate this transitional time in life.

Your therapist at CNLD Testing & Therapy will help you and your teen identify if there are any mental health issues impacting family, school, or peer functioning. Your therapist can introduce effect strategies to manage the stressors commonly associated with this developmental timeframe. Even if your child resists therapy at first, most teens ultimately enjoy having an unbiased platform to discuss their thoughts and struggles. Your family will receive positive, judgment-free support at every turn.

To Learn More about Teen Therapy, Family Therapy, and Other Mental Health Services, Contact CNLD Testing & Therapy at (734) 994-9466