Autism Treatment

Autism TreatmentDo you or your child struggle to initiate or maintain back-and-forth conversations? Does your child find it difficult to read others body language or appear to avoid eye contact? Is your child reactive to noises or textures? Do you or your child find it uncomfortable when routines are not followed? These are all signs your child may be on the autism spectrum.

Autism disorders affect approximately 1 in 54 children, according to the CDC. Autism can affect a child’s performance in school, social skills, language development, and much more, but that doesn’t mean there are limited options. With personalized autism treatment from CNLD Testing & Therapy, your child can enjoy a better quality of life and learn how to utilize his or her strengths.

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Does Autism Treatment Cure Autism?

While there is no cure for autism, several treatment options can help to improve social functioning, learning, and quality of life for both children and adults with autism. Research shows that treatment is most effective when started before age 3, but many of the treatments designed for children can help teens and adults as well.

It is important to note that autism is spectrum-based, which means that some people may need little to no treatment. Others may require highly intensive treatment. At CNLD Testing & Therapy, we can provide an assessment to determine which level of care would be appropriate for you or your child.

What to Expect with Autism Treatment

Autism treatment typically starts with a neuropsychological evaluation. This yields an actionable diagnosis and creates the foundation for treatment. From there, our autism specialists can create a custom intervention plan that is tailored to your child. CNLD Testing & Therapy interventions are geared towards individuals with developed language skills and may include:

  • Social Skills Training
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Parent Guidance and Family Counseling
  • Executive Function Coaching
  • Educational Advocacy for Special Education Plans
  • And Other Forms of Autism Treatment

We work with clients of all ages, including autistic teens transitioning into college or adult life. You or your child will receive positive support through every step of the journey, with proven solutions to address each challenge.

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