School Problems

School ProblemsAre you getting frequent calls or emails from your child’s school with concerns about their behavior or school performance?  Is your child reporting frequent headaches and stomachaches occurring only on school days?  Is it a constant battle to get your child ready to go to school or complete homework?

As a parent, it is painful to watch your child struggle academically or socially.  When your child seems unmotivated or disinterested, having social difficulties or not reaching his/her potential, steps can be taken to identify the problem along with developing effective strategies to address your child’s concerns.  At CNLD Testing & Therapy we can collaborate with you and the school to determine when an evaluation is indicated along with how to implement recommendations both at home and at school.

Your therapist at CNLD Testing & Therapy will help you and your child identify strengths to develop effective learning strategies.  The goal is to develop essential skills for you as a parent and for your child to be successful at home and at school.

Our experienced and skilled team of therapists are ready to help you or your child.

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