Confidential and Experienced Dementia Testing near You

Confidential and Experienced Dementia Testing near You

Everyone can forget things sometimes (e.g., where you left your keys), though forgetfulness can be a sign that something more is occurring. If you or someone you know is struggling with significant memory loss, prompt care is crucial because some types of memory difficulties are treatable or reversible depending on the cause.

You may have heard the term “dementia”, which refers to struggles with memory, reasoning, decision-making and other brain skills. If you, or a loved one, are concerned about memory loss or other thinking skills CNLD Testing & Therapy can help.

Early identification of dementia through accurate dementia testing is crucial since struggles may worsen over time. It is also important to determine if you are experiencing a reversible memory problem (e.g., related to medications, thyroid issues, vitamin deficiencies, sleep, depression).

What is Dementia Testing?

Dementia testing can examine how you, or a loved one’s, brain is working and to help determine the degree of memory impairment, along with diagnosing the cause. You, a family member, your doctor, or your healthcare provider can request testing to obtain information about a person’s brain functioning. After working with our neuropsychologists, you will receive detailed information about how your brain is working. We collaborate with any experts who may be a part of your care to help provide the best dementia care for you.

Help starts quickly with a phone call to (734) 994-9466. CNLD Testing & Therapy gladly answer any questions you have about dementia testing and other neuropsychological testing for any of the problems listed below.

Most forms of dementia are treatable, perhaps through medication or other measures, but many types of dementia cannot be cured or reversed. Early identification and intervention is crucial. CNLD Testing & Therapy can be a first step in determining the best treatment options in conjunction with your primary care physician or medical specialist. Our focus on brain health is also crucial in helping you introduce health-focused habits that can reduce the risk of certain types of dementia (e.g., diet, exercise, brain engagement, mood and social activity).

Trusted Dementia Testing in Michigan for Different Age Groups

Dementia testing is currently available for adults at our award-winning clinic in Ann Arbor. You can easily schedule a consultation with our intake coordinator or arrange for an evaluation for yourself or a family member. No matter what, you’ll receive positive support from the knowledgeable staff at CNLD Testing & Therapy.

As a part of every evaluation and testing for dementia testing, CNLD Testing & Therapy also provides 3 free one-hour consultations with our employment advocate, life coach, and lead executive function coach (i.e., developing memory strategies, organizational skills, and self-awareness) to discuss how the test results for dementia can be applied within any work and home settings for better outcomes and better living.

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