Anne Carlson, Psy.D., IMH-IV

Anne Carlson, Psy.D., IMH-IV

Anne Carlson, Psy.D, is a fully licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan.  She completed her doctorate in 2000 from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she received specific training in working with children, adolescents and their families.  Dr. Carlson over the course of her career has worked in outpatient, inpatient, school and home settings, with individuals from birth to 70.

Dr. Carlson completed her post-doctoral training at Mid-Step Child Development Center in State College, PA.  She specialized in providing therapy and evaluations to children and their families’ birth to 18.  Her clinical focus included completing process-based neurodevelopmental evaluations, which provided a greater level of insight into an individual’s overall learning style strengths and weaknesses.  She was able to work with children, parents and schools to deepen their understanding of each students’ unique learning profile, while making concrete recommendations for how to capitalize on strengths while improving weaker areas.  She developed expertise in working with anxiety, trauma, adult ADHD, relationship and adjustment issues.

Dr. Carlson was the Director of Outpatient Services for a community mental health organization in Indiana for 7 years, prior to moving to Michigan.  She provided clinical supervision and training, oversight of the clinical programs and administrative support to the agency.  She took advantage of training opportunities in lifespan development increasing her expertise in therapeutic approaches that best fit for individuals and families birth through adult.   She has obtained the Level IV Endorsement in Infant Mental Health, which is highest level.  She offered training in both assessment and intervention in infant mental health throughout the state of Indiana, along with reflective supervision to increase the capacity of clinicians in this specialized area of treatment and assessment.  Dr. Carlson is available to provide the required reflective supervision to clinicians who are interested in meeting this criteria for Michigan’s Endorsement in Infant Mental Health.

Dr. Carlson’s private practice is focused on using a strengths-based approach to neurodevelopmental evaluations and interventions.  She uses evidence-based informed interventions such as the Neurobiological Attachment Model (by Dr. Siegel) and CBT.  She has found that the Neurobiological Attachment Model is particularly useful in understanding the complex changes that occur in brain functioning during childhood and adolescence.  This model is particularly powerful when working with anxiety and depression, along with parenting, during developmental transitions.

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