Experienced Mild Memory Impairment Testing Near You

Experienced Mild Memory Impairment Testing Near You

Everyone’s brain changes as they get older. You may experience difficulty with word finding when conversing with others or increased forgetfulness, such as where you left your car keys. Mild memory impairment or mild cognitive impairment refers to the stage between the typical decline in memory expected with aging and a more serious condition, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Some people with mild memory impairment never get worse while others progress to experiencing dementia. There are different types of dementia besides Alzheimer’s, but this is the most common.

Mild memory impairment goes beyond typical word finding difficulties or forgetfulness and appears as increased difficulty following the plot of a movie or book, problems making decisions, getting lost around places you know well, showing poor judgment such as with finances, and trouble following a conversation.

Is there a Cure for Mild Memory Impairment?

There is no single cause of mild memory or cognitive impairment. When experiencing mild cognitive changes, people often worry about early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Mild cognitive changes may or may not progress to dementia and if identified and treated effectively may improve over time, particularly if they are connected to a treatable medical condition (e.g., depression).

Mild Memory Impairment Testing for You or Someone You Know

Mild memory impairment testing can examine how you, or a loved one’s, brain is working and to determine the degree of memory impairment, along with diagnosing the cause. You, a family member, your doctor, or your healthcare provider can request testing to obtain information about a person’s brain functioning.

Help starts with a phone call to (734) 994-9466. We will gladly answer any questions you have about Mild Memory Impairment Testing. You can schedule a consultation with our intake coordinator or arrange for an evaluation for yourself or a family member. No matter what, you’ll receive positive support from the knowledgeable staff at CNLD Testing & Therapy.

As a part of every evaluation and testing for mild memory impairment, CNLD Testing & Therapy also provides 3 free one-hour consultations with our employment advocate, life coach, and lead executive function coach (i.e., developing memory strategies, organizational skills, and self-awareness) to discuss how the test results can be applied within any work and home settings.

Early detection can help and being proactive is extremely important. Remember, as Mild Memory or Cognitive Impairment advances, severe symptoms may become more obvious and could include mood and behavior changes, disorientation, confusion, and significant memory loss. Other symptoms may include difficulty with talking, sleeping, walking and eating. Mild memory impairment cannot be prevented, but research has found lifestyle factors that may lower the risk of you getting it. We will help you identify any difficulties and proactively take steps to lower the risk of any further problems.

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