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  • Are you worried about your child's speech development? Not sure if you should pursue an autism screening? Early diagnosis is always ideal because it allows for early intervention. Children who receive autism treatment at an early age are far better equipped to manage autism symptoms (Source). Let's explore the correlation between speech delay and autism[...]

    Some people love the shift from summer to fall. The crisp breeze in the air ignites their fondest memories. For others, the fall is a dreaded time of year. This is when their depression peaks and they struggle to get through each passing day. If you're in the latter category, know you're not alone. This[...]

    Are you struggling to balance your work and personal life? Nearly half of working Americans (48%) consider themselves workaholics. Working from home further blurs the line between work and family, making it difficult to be productive in either setting. These work/life balance tips for workaholics can help you make the most of your time. Create[...]

    Do you experience mental delays throughout the day? This could be anything from forgetting essential tasks to not remembering what you're doing at the moment. Brain fog is prevalent in high-stress environments and can drastically influence your ability to function. This guide will explore how executive function coaching can alleviate brain fog symptoms. What Are[...]

    Dyslexia is the most prevalent learning disability among children and adults. It impacts school and daily life, often in unexpected ways. This comprehensive guide explains what dyslexia is, how its diagnosed, and how to pursue dyslexia treatment. What Is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects a person's ability to read, interpret letters and[...]

    Parenting is a stressful job. You're on call 24 hours a day, and you still have to manage the rest of your life around your kids' needs. Approximately 7.5 million adults with depression have kids living with them at home, and 15 million children live with at least one depressed adult in the house. Stress,[...]

    School is back in session and so is school anxiety. Many students are transitioning to in-person schooling this year after two years of virtual learning. They have limited social skills, and they're scared of the unknown. Can you blame them? School anxiety in the COVID era is almost inevitable, but it doesn't have to be[...]

    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a common experience in fall and winter. The cold weather, limited sunlight and holiday stress create the perfect recipe for mental health trouble. If you're worried about the cold months ahead, this guide can help you prepare in advance. What Causes Seasonal Depression? Seasonal depression is primarily caused by a[...]

    Do you feel like your brain isn't firing on all cylinders right now? Are you easily confused or frustrated because you're having a hard time processing information? These are common indicators of brain fog. We can't promise to cure your brain fog overnight, but we can help you navigate your frustrations and potentially get back[...]

    Not sure if your child has autism spectrum disorder? Think you may have autism as an adult, but you've never officially been diagnosed? A professional evaluation will answer all of your questions and jumpstart your journey toward autism treatment and management. Check out this guide to learn how autism is diagnosed. Average Age for Autism[...]