Courtney Wilkens, M.A. Ed.

Courtney Wilkens, M.A. Ed.

Courtney Wilkens earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kansas State University, a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education from the University of Canberra Australia and a Masters of Art Education from the University of Cincinnati.  She is a licensed educator in the state of Michigan with greater than twenty years’ experience in the capacity of an art teacher, fine arts curriculum coordinator, student advocate and Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) specialist. She has worked with a broad range of students from K-12 with individual learning needs and neurodivergent learners.

Ms. Wilkens has completed training in the Seeing My Time® and Rush Neurobehavioral Curriculum®. Both curriculums are designed to be visual and interactive supporting many learning differences.  They help participants understand the why and how they struggle as well as brain-based approaches that support the time management skills of planning, organization, decision making, problem solving as well as effective study strategies for school age participants. 

Ms. Wilkens has extensive training and experience in evidenced based teaching practices and the implementation of PBIS in the school wide setting for improvement of student performance and establishment of positive behavior outcomes. She is trained in “Capturing Kids Hearts®” focused on the social emotional learning of children, building self-managing classrooms and students and creating student centered accountability.

Ms. Wilkens integrates PBIS with Executive Function teaching strategies to build student prioritization and self-regulation skills to assist classroom transitional anxiety and improve class performance. Her teaching background and intimate understanding in classroom function and organization strategies provides a teacher’s perspective to student proficiency in planning, organizing and self-management.