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Roger E. Lauer, Ph.D.
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Developing Unique Minds
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Executive Function / ADHD Coaching

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only I had a personal assistant to help me remember things, I could do so much better”?  You have trouble remembering simple, every day things like what your work schedule is, when your deadlines are at school, etc. Think of your brain as a band or orchestra for a moment: there are a lot of people to coordinate in order to play a piece of music the way the composer wrote it, right? Whose job is it to keep everything functioning smoothly and correctly? The conductor’s – and that’s exactly what executive functions can do for each of us if they’re working properly. So, you see, you DO have a personal assistant after all (surprise!), though it simply might need a little training to be the most effective.  That is where Executive Function Coaching can come into play.

Executive Function Coaching, sometimes referred to as ADHD Coaching, can provide help in many different areas, not just memory.  Coaching can aid with:

  • Planning and Organizing
  • Goal Setting and Implementation
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Study Skills
  • Test-taking Strategies
  • Memory Strategies
  • Time Management
  • Self-Awareness (Motivation, Emotional Awareness)

Executive Function Coaching can provide support to a variety of people with a number of psychiatric and developmental disorders:

We offer Executive Function coaching to help develop and train the “conductor” of your mind. Dr. Anne Carlson, Jen McCulloch, LMSW, and Hannah Spencer, MA, LPC have specific training in intervention for executive functions.  They are very experienced and highly capable clinicians, available to work with you within our clinic.

If you would like more information, or to discuss scheduling you or your child for training, contact our office or check out our Executive Function Coaching brochure by clicking here.