Family Counseling

Family CounselingFamily therapy could be a positive step toward a better quality of life for you, your spouse, your children, and other members of your family. You can learn new ways to communicate, work through problems, to discipline and relate to one another in a more joyful way. Through family counseling, you and your loved ones can…

  • Establish a Clear Line of Communication among Family Members
  • Resolve Long-Term Conflicts and Pinpoint the Source of Cyclical Arguments
  • Discuss Your Struggles and Concerns in a Confidential, Nonjudgmental Setting
  • Learn How to De-escalate Disputes within the Family
  • Strengthen Your Bonds with One Another or Build New Relationships (Blended Families Learning to Work with One Another)
  • Get through Major Life Events, Such as Moving, Divorce, Job Transitions, etc.
  • Reignite the Joy in Your Household with Custom Family Counseling Solutions

CNLD Testing & Therapy is an open-minded, judgment-free counseling center that proudly serves traditional and non-traditional family groups. No matter how your family is structured or what your challenges are, you’ll receive personalized advice from a licensed family therapist. Give us a call at (734) 994-9466 to schedule an appointment for family counseling.

The Many Benefits of Family Counseling

Do you feel an energy drain in your family? Do members of your family exhibit excessive anger, fear or sadness? Do you find it difficult to communicate? Is your family having difficulty adjusting to a recent change? These are just some of the many situations that could be improved through family counseling.

Your therapist at CNLD Testing & Therapy will help you and your family by strengthening the positive interactions between family members. The goal will be to improve make small changes and adjustments to remedy negative emotions and behaviors.

Every family has a unique dynamic. Some families are outspoken and opinionated. Others are reserved and soft-spoken. You may have years of disagreements built up, or you may have a difficult life transition that you’re struggling to overcome. Whatever the circumstances may be, you can find tailored solutions that work specifically for your family.

For More Information about Family Counseling, Contact CNLD Testing & Therapy at (734) 994-9466