Nonverbal Learning Disorder Treatment

Nonverbal Learning Disorders TreatmentDo you or your child struggle with reading social cues? Does your child have difficulty with fine and gross motor skills or bumping into things? Does your child find it difficult to read others body language? Does your child have strengths in verbal abilities, despite struggles with math or essay writing?

These are all signs of nonverbal learning disorders (NLDs). CNLD Testing & Therapy provides testing and therapy to help clients navigate life with an NLD. Give us a call at (734) 994-9466 to learn more about nonverbal learning disorder treatment.

What Is a Nonverbal Learning Disorder?

Someone with a learning disability may struggle understanding words on a page or spoken sentences. Someone with a nonverbal learning disorder has trouble interpreting facial expressions, body language, and other nonverbal cues.

A large portion of human communication is nonverbal. This is why conversations in text or email are often misconstrued. They do not have the nonverbal elements for clarification. Someone with an NLD may experience that type of miscommunication at any time – in school, at work, and in social settings.

Symptoms of nonverbal learning disorders include:

  • Poor coordination
  • Frequently asking questions, even if it means interrupting a conversation
  • Difficulty understanding body language and facial cues
  • Literal interpretations of statements (struggles with sarcasm)
  • Difficulty with fine motor skills, such as tying shoes or using scissors
  • Struggles with life transitions or multi-step instructions
  • Advanced language skills
  • Focus on details without the ability to see the “big picture”

During NLD testing, we evaluate these symptoms and other factors to identify a client’s strengths and potential challenges. This allows us to create a custom treatment plan that is tailored to you or your child’s needs.

How Does NLD Treatment Work?

Our treatment is tailored to the specific challenges caused by the Nonverbal Learning Disability. Social skills training can assist in learning to interpret facial expressions, body language, and nuances. CBT approaches work to challenge and replace associated negative attributions and thoughts regarding self or others.

At CNLD Testing & Therapy our interventions include social skills training, CBT and executive function coaching. Our skilled practitioners are able to work with you and your child to develop effective day to day accommodations and strategies for home, school or the workplace that can be implemented with or without an IEP or 504 Plan.

For More Information about NLD Testing or Nonverbal Learning Disorder Treatment, Contact Us at (734) 994-9466