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Roger E. Lauer, Ph.D.
Roger E. Lauer, Ph.D. Director
Developing Unique Minds
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Child & Adolescent Therapy

Mother and daughterWe’ll work together to help you and your child develop greater self-awareness and self-regulation skills to build up more resources – both within you and surrounding you – to face life challenges.  We have clinicians skilled at providing treatment for children birth to 18.  In addition, we work collaboratively with parents, teachers and healthcare provider to help ensure that each child has the best chance to succeed and reach their highest potential. IMPORTANT NOTE: We help children regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or identity, race, religion, and ethnicity.  We also help children regardless of specific disability or disorder – as well as children without any diagnosis or label.

We offer treatment to children and adolescents, both individually and within the context of family for a full range of concerns including:

  • Adjusting to Significant Life Stressors
  • Anxiety and trauma
  • Attention and concentration issues (including Executive Function Coaching)
  • Depression
  • Learning and school difficulties
  • Behavioral and emotional regulation concerns
  • Family conflict
  • Adoption and attachment issues
  • Parental Guidance