Learning Disability Testing near Novi MI

School Boy Before Learning Disability Testing near Novi MI

CNLD Testing & Therapy offers a range of services to help you better understand your child’s strengths and struggle points. This includes ADHD testing, autism testing, mental health evaluations, and learning disability testing near Novi MI.

There are many types of learning disabilities, and each one affects the mind in different ways. Here is a surface-level overview of common learning disorders:

  • Dysgraphia – Handwriting and fine motor skills
  • Dyslexia – Reading, writing, and recognizing differences between letters
  • Dyscalculia – Numbers and mathematics
  • Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) – Spoken information and audible sounds
  • Language Processing Disorder (LPD) – Spoken language (a subset of APD)
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) – Body language, facial cues, and nonverbal expressions
  • Reading Comprehension Deficit – Oral communication and reading interpretation

For more information about learning disability testing and educational advocacy, contact CNLD Testing & Therapy at (734) 994-9466.

How Accurate Is a Learning Disability Diagnosis?

There are different types of learning disability evaluations, and each type has its own accuracy rate. Many children will go through an initial screening at school if someone notices signs of a learning disability. This is not an official diagnosis, but it may indicate the need for a professional evaluation.

Learning disability testing from a licensed specialist is the most accurate path to a diagnosis. Online testing is unreliable, and the diagnosis cannot be used for support. With a professional diagnosis, you could pursue special accommodations at school or work.

CNLD Testing & Therapy offers educational advocacy services, counseling, executive functions coaching, and learning disability testing near Novi MI. We have high accuracy rates for psychological and neuropsychological testing, and we offer support long after diagnosis. Reach out to (734) 994-9466 to start your journey.

Educational Advocacy, Psychological Testing, and Mental Health Support

Enjoy comprehensive support long after the testing is done. CNLD Testing & Therapy offers the following services:

  • Neurological Disorder Testing
  • Bipolar Disorder Testing
  • ADHD Testing
  • Mental Health Evaluations, Such as Anxiety Testing, Depression Testing, and Infant Mental Health Testing
  • Executive Functions Coaching
  • IQ Testing
  • Autism Testing and Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing (NVLD)
  • Learning Disability Testing near Novi MI
  • Educational Advocacy Services
  • Independent Educational Evaluations
  • Giftedness/Twice Exceptional Testing
  • Substance Abuse Exposure Testing
  • In-Person Therapy and Teletherapy Services
  • Pregnancy-Related Mental Health Support
  • Special Accommodations for College Entrance Exams

For More Information about Learning Disability Testing near Novi MI, Contact CNLD Testing & Therapy at (734) 994-9466

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