Bipolar Disorder Therapy

Bipolar Disorder TherapyBipolar disorder involves episodes of mania and depression that significantly impact a person’s quality of life. The ebb and flow of emotions can feel overwhelming, unpredictable, and downright debilitating, especially when left untreated. The good news is that with bipolar disorder therapy, you can develop tools to control/regulate your mood and behaviors and improve your quality of life.

CNLD Testing & Therapy provides…

  • Bipolar Disorder Testing to Diagnose the Presence of Bipolar Disorder, as Well as the Type of Bipolar Disorder (Bipolar I, Bipolar II, etc.)
  • Bipolar Disorder Therapy, Where You Can Receive Personalized Advice on How to Manage Bipolar Symptoms
  • Individual and Family Therapy to Create a Positive Support System for Your Life
  • Educational Advocacy to Help Parents and Students Navigate School with Bipolar Disorder
  • Intervention Planning – Find a Clear Path for Your Future
  • Insurance-Friendly Testing and Therapy Services in a Confidential Environment

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Will Bipolar Disorder Therapy Help More Than Medicine?

The use of medication is a mainstay in the treatment for bipolar disorder, but psychotherapy is also an important part of getting help and support. The compassionate therapists at CNLD Testing & Therapy can help you or your child to understand their feelings, thoughts and behaviors which are part of bipolar disorder. Understanding and working to master problems connected to bipolar disorder that impact your ability to function well at home, school or at work is also important.

We will work closely with other treating professionals, such as your psychiatrist or primary care doctor, to form a solid treatment team to help get you back on track to managing your mood effectively. You can find the exact treatment and therapy plan that works for your lifestyle, symptoms and experiences, and you’ll receive positive support every step of the way.

To Learn More about Bipolar Disorder Therapy at CNLD Testing & Therapy, Contact Us at (734) 994-9466