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Trusted Neuropsychological and Psychological Testing, Treatment and Therapy, Executive Function Coaching, and Educational Advocacy and Planning


You’ve made an important first step for yourself or your loved one.

…you’ve started searching for help with frustrating and overwhelming issues in your life. We’re here to help sort through the confusion. Through our assessment process and therapy options, CNLD’s expert staff can identify specific barriers to success and will develop an intervention plan, custom-built for you.


Concerned about your child’s emotions, social skills, learning, or attention issues? CNLD Testing & Therapy provides clear direction for your little ones to thrive and get on a successful and functional path.


CNLD Testing & Therapy can help your teen with anxiety, depression, school performance, family relationships, and more. We also provide psychological testing for high-stakes exams.


From couples counseling to working through life challenges, our team supports you in overcoming psychological barriers, relationship issues, and struggles to achieve your individual goals.









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CNLD Testing & Therapy Services in Ann Arbor, Michigan

What Sets CNLD Testing & Therapy Apart?

We specialize in:

  • One place for you or your child to receive skilled testing, therapy, coaching, and planning for better communication, better execution and better results.
  • Experienced therapists, counselors and coaches with years of training to skillfully work with you on your treatment goals.
  • Complex Neuropsychological and Psychological Testing Cases– Expert neuropsychologists who understand multiple or tough-to-diagnose issues.
  • Personalized Intervention Plans– Effective and practical strategies for success at home, school and work.
  • Executive Function Coaching- All therapists are also trained as executive function coaches to improve organization, task completion, planning, goal setting, working memory, time management, test-taking strategies, work skills, academic performance and self-awareness.
  • Educational Advocacy– Turning your personalized plan into action at home, school and work.

Who Does CNLD Testing & Therapy Help?

  • CNLD Testing & Therapy helps children, teens, adults, couples and families.
  • Along with the individual who comes in for testing or therapy, we work with couples, non-traditional relationships and entire families since everyone is impacted by the challenges of a family member who may be struggling.
  • Our clinicians are comfortable working with anyone regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or identity, race, religion, and ethnicity. We are experienced in working with LGBTQIA+ populations, as well as non-traditional relationships.
  • People who are seen at CNLD Testing & Therapy have a varied range of questions:
    • Frustrated parents struggling with a child but unsure why.
    • Folks battling anxietydepression or a mood disorder.
    • Children with complex developmental histories.
    • Teenagers addicted to social media or videogames.
    • College students who are suddenly struggling with school.
    • Adults with chronic relationship or work issues.
    • Couples who need help with communication.
    • Individuals who are struggling to cope with trauma.

Why Come to CNLD Testing & Therapy?

We specialize in:

  • Experienced and skilled clinicians with an average of over 15 years in the field.
  • Complete care in one location for testing, therapy, coaching and planning.
  • Diverse therapists with extensive training and certifications offering a full range of psychotherapy services in person or via teletherapy.
  • Most of our therapists work with BCBS and BCN.
  • All neuropsychological and psychological testings are performed by PhD’s with at least 20 years’ experience.
  • Our neuropsychologists have experience working at major medical centers such as Michigan Medicine, Henry Ford Health System and St. Joe’s.
  • CNLD Testing & Therapy is a trusted referral source for mental health professionals, physicians and other medical professionals, educational and school staff, lawyers and people throughout Southeast Michigan.

About CNLD Testing & Therapy:

  • CNLD Testing & Therapy was founded over 25 years ago by Dr. Roger Lauer.
  • We proudly serve Southeast Michigan and the greater Ann Arbor community.
  • We are committed to the mental health and wellness of individuals, couples and families by serving them with compassion and care.
  • We respect human dignity and diversity within our clients and staff.
  • We are conveniently located right off the I-94 expressway.
  • Our offices are spacious, warm and welcoming with ample parking right outside our door.
  • CNLD Testing & Therapy is dedicated to the community by providing support for local arts and music programs.

Dr. Roger Lauer, Neuropsychologist & Founder

Roger Lauer

Welcome to CNLD Testing & Therapy. I am a fully licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan who is formally trained as a clinical neuropsychologist. My education and training in clinical psychology and neuropsychology were completed at the University of Michigan. After working at Michigan Medicine and St. Joe’s, I started my private practice in Ann Arbor which has grown into CNLD Testing & Therapy over the past 25 years.

My goal was to offer one location where you or your child could receive skilled testing, therapy, coaching and advocacy planning. I am proud to work with a diverse group of professionals at CNLD Testing & Therapy who are experienced and talented.

My neuropsychology practice is focused extensively on accurate diagnosis of complex cases in order to put in place a strength-based intervention program to improve your or your child’s quality of life. I work with individuals across the lifespan including children, teens and adults. My background and training allow me to understand and identify problems with attention, memory, language, executive functions, behavior, social skills and emotions.

I work with individuals who struggle with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, visual-spatial disorders, motor and language disorders, prenatal substance exposure, genetic disorders, seizures, traumatic brain injury and emotional struggles (e.g., depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder).

My strength-based model of practice reinforces your or your child’s self-esteem so we can improve areas of weakness that may require intervention or accommodations. I will provide you with a detailed report of my work and ensure that you understand each step of the intervention plan, along with guiding you through next steps. Having access to therapists, executive function coaches and an educational advocate at CNLD Testing & Therapy ensures that you can receive seamless support within our center.

I also maintain a large referral network of speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, tutors, psychiatrists, neurologists and other professionals to develop and manage the most thorough plan of intervention that best serves the needs of my clients. Read Dr. Lauer’s Full Bio


Teletherapy Available for Most Services

We offer teletherapy to all clients. Our providers all have the capability to offer secure video sessions. Most Blue Cross policies will cover this service.

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