Learning Disability Testing near Saline MI

Child before Learning Disability Testing near Saline MI

Are you worried about your child’s performance in school? Do you feel like your progress has been altered because of an undiagnosed learning disability? CNLD Testing & Therapy offers many forms of learning disability testing near Saline MI, including the following:

  • Dyslexia Testing for People Who Struggle with Reading and Memorizing Information
  • Dyscalculia Testing for Those Who Struggle with Mathematics and Number Interpretation
  • Dysgraphia Testing for People Who Have Trouble with Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills
  • Reading Comprehension Deficit Testing for Those Who Cannot Interpret Written Information Well
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) Testing for People Who Misinterpret Body Language, Facial Expressions, and Other Subtle Nonverbal Cues
  • Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and Language Processing Disorder (LPD) Testing for Those Who Have Difficulty Processing Spoken Language and Similar Sounds

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Can Learning Disabilities Be Treated or Cured?

Learning disabilities can be treated and managed, but there is no “cure” for a learning disability. As much as we would love to have a magic pill to help a child struggling with dyslexia, that’s just not the reality of the situation. The good news is that there are many treatment options and educational supports available to improve the quality of life for children, teens, and adults with learning disabilities. The journey starts with a professional diagnosis.

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Find Your Unique Strengths to Overcome Your Struggles

Here at CNLD Testing & Therapy, we like to highlight a person’s strengths, not just their weaknesses. Our assessments are designed to help you understand the unique strong points that could offset some of the struggles from ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, etc. Our services include the following:

  • Executive Functions Coaching and Educational Advocacy
  • ADHD Testing and ADD Testing
  • Bipolar Disorder Testing
  • Autism Evaluations and Neurological Disorder Exams
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing (NVLD)
  • Mental Health Evaluations, Including Infant Mental Health Testing
  • Learning Disability Testing Near Saline MI
  • IQ Testing
  • Gifted/Twice Exceptional Testing
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE after IEP)
  • Substance Abuse Exposure Testing, Including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Testing
  • In-Person Counseling and Teletherapy Appointments
  • Learning Disability Accommodations for High-Stakes Exams

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