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Roger E. Lauer, Ph.D.
Roger E. Lauer, Ph.D. Director
Developing Unique Minds
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Who Do We Help?

Our clients come from all stages of life. We like to say we see children from ages 2 through 92.

When we look at the demographics of our clients, the majority comes from the K-12 age group, but we also see adults from college age through retirement. Along with the individual who comes in for an evaluation or therapy, our work encompasses entire families since everyone is impacted by the challenges of a family member who may be struggling.

People who are seen in our clinic have a varied range of questions:

  • Frustrated parents who spend WAY more time than other parents helping their child do homework at night – is it a learning concern, processing issue or problem with effort?
  • Gifted children with uneven skills – how can s/he be so bright in some areas and really not “get” something else that seems to be even more obvious or easy?
  • Folks who have battled with anxiety or depression for years but really have a hard time paying attention at work or in school – is it only a mood disorder or is something else factoring in too?
  • Children whose mother had a complex labor and delivery and now struggle developmentally – what’s going on?
  • College students who did fine in high school, but now that they’re in college, independent work is really difficult – is college really that much harder or has something changed with me?
  • Adults who have chronic work skill issues and can’t get promoted – why can’t I ever be “more” in the work environment and be appreciated for all the effort I put into my job?

Of course, there are a lot more reasons for coming to CNLD – contact us to see if your needs are a match with our services.