Codependency Counseling

Codependency CounselingCodependency may seem like a relationship issue; however, it is quite personal. Codependent behaviors are often the sign of underlying mental health struggles, such as trauma, low self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

Do you find yourself consistently putting the feelings of others before yourself? Do you find it difficult to say no? Are there times when you are willing to accept blame for situations that were not your fault? Are you afraid of being alone? These are all indicators that codependency counseling may be right for you.

  • Figure out What Thought Patterns and Behaviors Are Fueling the Codependency
  • Identify and Treat Underlying Mental Health Struggles – Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, etc.
  • Build Your Self-Esteem and Independence
  • Steer away Thoughts of Self-Blame and Take Control of Negative Thinking
  • Get Positive Support through Difficult Life Transitions

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How Codependency Counseling Works

At CNLD Testing & Therapy, we will work with you to improve your own emotional well-being and build self-confidence, which will simultaneously improve your relationship. Your therapist can help you improve thoughts that lead to harmful actions and reactions within your close relationships. The goal will be to improve self-esteem and build a stronger sense of self, while addressing any underlying mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety.

Is Codependency Therapy for Couples or Individuals?

Codependency counseling is often structured as a combination of individual and couples therapy. In individual counseling, you can tackle the mental health struggles that affect you on a personal level. In couples therapy, you can address behaviors and communication within your relationship that contribute to codependency. Each couple and individual is unique, so we can find the ideal solution for your specific needs.

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