Life Transitions

Life TransitionsDo you ever wish your child came with an instruction manual? Do you and your partner disagree on how to manage challenging behaviors? Are you overwhelmed by all of the parenting information and advice? Not sure how to talk to your child about major life transitions such as a move or divorce?

Our experienced therapists are here to help. Life transitions are difficult at any age, but they can be particularly stressful for children. They may not have the mental or behavioral development to process changes in their lifestyle or environment. Through life transitions therapy, you can…

  • Help Your Child Process Feelings and Emotions during a Life Transition
  • Prepare for an Upcoming Change, Such as Moving or Divorce
  • Create a Positive Environment for Your Child during a Stressful Time
  • Learn Effective Communication Techniques and Coping Strategies to Use for Years to Come
  • Manage Mental Health Struggles Like Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, and More
  • Get Dedicated Support from a Team of Experts

Whether you have a strong-willed child and are struggling with non-compliance or you just need guidance regarding parenting, at CNLD Testing & Therapy we will work with you to build your confidence and success as a parent or parenting team. We are also available to assist when you need help preparing your child for major changes such as moving, sudden illness, separation or divorce. Contact us at (734) 994-9466 to learn more about our mental health services.

Gain the Confidence You Need to Get through a Difficult Life Transition

Your therapist at CNLD Testing & Therapy will help you identify positive, effective parenting practices. The goal is to empower you as a parent and provide you with the right tools and knowledge so you can meet your child’s needs. Our experienced and skilled team of therapists are ready to help you or your child. Reach out to CNLD Testing & Therapy to get started developing your parenting plan.

You Can Get through a Stressful Life Transition as a Family – We’re Here to Help! Call (734) 994-9466 to Learn More