Karim Kabbani, MA, LLP

Karim KabbaniFrom a young age, the inclination to approach others who appear to be experiencing hardship became instilled in me through early life experiences and choices. The passion I have towards helping others achieve their full life potential and engage in purposeful growth is of great importance to me.  I received my Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Michigan and subsequently received my Master of Arts in clinical psychology at the Michigan School of Psychology.

Having worked years in partial hospitalization, I enjoy working with individuals who are both experiencing challenging life circumstances and are motivated to achieve great resilience & fortitude. Whether it is deriving solutions or just feeling heard, I want to walk together so I can assist you in finding the meaning within your life. During my years of counseling, I have enjoyed conducting individual therapy, family process and group therapy ranging from topics of trauma to self-esteem building to stress & crisis management.

Having experience dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD as well as other competencies, I am confident that I can share my tools with you.  I primarily incorporate Acceptance and Commitment therapy within my practice, which I have seen build success. I cherish my time with my clients and always consider their best interests when working together. So come with me and step foot into my office, together arriving at the start of something life changing.