Depression Treatment (Therapy)

Depression Treatment & TherapyEveryone can feel sad at times, but if your or your child’s mood starts to sink and you continually feel sad, lack energy, experience fatigue, have difficulty concentrating or feel hopeless, you could be experiencing clinical depression. When someone is depressed, you may lose your appetite, have trouble sleeping or feel irritable or become easily angered. You may also withdraw from social relationships and lose the supports you need to feel better. Sometimes, you might even feel like life is not worth living.

Our compassionate and caring therapists at CNLD Testing & Therapy can help you find relief from depression and regain control of your life. There are various effective treatments for depression including therapy, mindfulness, exercise and medication. Our therapists work with you to determine what approaches are best. We also collaborate with other treatment providers (e.g., psychiatrists) to provide the most effective, evidence-based support.

Our experienced and skilled team of therapists are ready to help you or your child.

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