Bullying Counseling

A Girl in Need of Bullying CounselingBullying can take place in many different settings – from schools to family gatherings to workplaces and beyond. Due to the rising popularity of social media, cyberbullying and online bullying have become particularly problematic in the modern world. If you have dealt with bullying or you thing your child is the victim of bullying, our compassionate counselors are here to assist you. CNLD Testing & Therapy offers effective, non-judgmental bullying counseling fit for today’s ever-changing society.

  • Learn Proven Coping Strategies That Are Tailored to Your Circumstances
  • Take Control of Mental Health Struggles, Such as Anxiety, Depression and Low Self-Esteem
  • Boost Your Confidence and Embrace Your Unique Strengths
  • Get Matched with an Experienced Bullying Counselor Who Specializes in Trauma Recovery, Anxiety Counseling, Self-Esteem Counseling, Anger Management, etc.
  • Receive Positive Support Every Step of the Way

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The Physical, Mental and Emotional Impacts of Bullying

Bullying is repeated, unwanted and aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Examples of bullying behavior include:

  • Verbal Bullying – Teasing, Name-Calling, Inappropriate Sexual Comments, and Threatening to Cause Harm
  • Physical Bullying – Hitting, Tripping, Rude Hand Gestures, and Physical Assault
  • Social Bullying – Spreading Rumors, Embarrassing Someone, Leaving Someone out on Purpose, and Creating a Negative Reputation for Someone Else

When someone is a victim of bullying behavior, they can experience a range of difficult emotions, including anger, anxiety, shame, trauma and isolation. Occasionally, when someone is bullied, they may internalize the role of victim which negatively impacts their self-esteem and relationships with others.

Problematic academic or work performance can also result from bullying. Further, individuals may struggle to report bullying because of a fear of social or employment consequences. All of these circumstances can be managed with the right tools, coping mechanisms, and support system.

The bullying counselors here at CNLD Testing & Therapy are here to guide you through the process, regardless of how bullying has impacted your life. Give us a call at 734-994-9466 to schedule a consultation for personalized bullying therapy.

Bullying Counseling for Victims, Families, and Those Who Bully Others

CNLD Testing & Therapy offers bullying counseling for victims of bullying, people who bully others and those who are bystanders having witnessed bullying and need support on what to do. We provide individual counseling and family counseling, along with psychological and neuropsychological testing services. If you need help addressing bullying behavior, our mental health professionals are here for you.

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