Anxiety Testing near Detroit MI

Woman Sitting For Anxiety Testing near Detroit MICNLD Testing & Therapy offers comprehensive solutions for anxiety relief. If you have undiagnosed anxiety or you’re unsure if you have anxiety altogether, you may want to pursue a psychological evaluation. This answers key questions that can be used to personalize your treatment. Our office provides anxiety testing near Detroit MI, as well as therapy, intervention planning and educational advocacy.

  • Affordable Anxiety Testing That May Be Compatible with Your Insurance
  • Experienced Specialists Who Can Identify Your Strengths and Underlying Mental Health Struggles
  • Custom Intervention Plans for Treatment and Educational Support
  • Teletherapy and In-Person Therapy Available
  • Personalized Solutions to Address Your Anxiety Symptoms
  • Highly-Accurate Diagnoses, So You Can Seek Effective Support as Soon as Possible

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (734) 994-9466.

Confidential Anxiety Testing and Treatment near Detroit MI

Worried about your privacy? Your personal information remains strictly confidential. You are in control of where your diagnosis goes, whether it be to a professional therapist or simply to your peace of mind.

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Comprehensive Mental Healthcare from Experienced Specialists

In addition to anxiety testing near Detroit MI, we offer complete mental healthcare for you and your family. Our services include:

  • Child and Adult Counseling Services, Including Couples Counseling and Teletherapy
  • Testing and Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Autism and More
  • Learning Disability Assessments (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, etc.)
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorders Testing
  • Neurological Disorders Testing
  • ADD/ADHD Psychological Testing
  • Asperger’s and Autism Testing
  • School Readiness and Development Evaluations, Including Gifted/Twice Exceptional Diagnosis
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Testing (FAS, FAE and FASD)
  • College Entrance Exam Accommodations (SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, and Others)
  • IQ Testing
  • Infant Mental Health Testing
  • Assessments for Pregnancy-Related Mood Disorders
  • Personalized Intervention Planning and Educational Advocacy Services

Find out more about psychological and neuropsychological testing by calling (734) 994-9466.

Anxiety Is More Common Than You Probably Think!

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 19.1% of U.S. adults have had anxiety in the last year, and 31.1% have experienced it at some point in their lives. Whether you’re facing ongoing anxiety or anxiety that’s triggered by a specific incident, know that you’re not alone. The specialists here at CNLD Testing & Therapy will support you through every stage, from anxiety testing to day-to-day treatment.

To Schedule an Appointment for Anxiety Testing near Detroit MI, Contact CNLD Testing & Therapy at (734) 994-9466