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  • Anxiety Testing in Metro Detroit

    Young Boy Getting Anxiety Testing in Metro DetroitWhen you need reliable and accurate anxiety testing in Metro Detroit, you can count on CNLD Testing & Therapy. Many physicians, schools and therapists in the area refer clients to our office. We have a high accuracy rate and years of experience in neuropsychological testing.

    • Anxiety Testing That Highlights Both Your Strengths and Your Struggles
    • Personalized Intervention Planning for Navigating Life with Anxiety
    • High Stakes Exam Accommodations for Students with Anxiety, ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Autism
    • Insurance Accepted – We’ll Gladly Review Your Coverage Options
    • Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing for All Age Groups

    The process starts with a quick, no obligation phone call to (734) 994-9466. We can go over everything with you so you know what to expect from anxiety testing.

    A Comfortable Office with Judgement-Free Anxiety Testing and Therapy

    Anxiety testing shouldn’t be a stressful experience. This is your first step toward answers, and answers lead you to relief! Enjoy a comfortable and compassionate environment here at CNLD Testing & Therapy.

    CNLD Testing & Therapy
    5864 Interface Dr., Ste. D
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103

    Contact (734) 994-9466 to schedule an appointment for anxiety testing in Metro Detroit.

    How Many People Have Anxiety in America?

    According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 31.1% of U.S. adults experience anxiety at some point in their lives. That’s nearly one in three! If you’re battling anxiety, depression, or other mental health struggles, know that you’re not alone. A psychological evaluation could be your first step toward a better quality of life.

    If you’d like an appointment for anxiety testing in Metro Detroit, contact CNLD Testing & Therapy at (734) 994-9466.

    Mental Health Support through Every Stage of Your Journey

    CNLD Testing & Therapy offers a full spectrum of psychological testing and therapy services. These include:

    • Anxiety Testing
    • Bipolar Disorder Testing
    • Depression Testing
    • Learning Disability Testing, Including Assessments for Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia, and Nonverbal Learning Disorders
    • Asperger’s and Autism Testing
    • Neurological Disorders Testing
    • ADHD and ADD Testing
    • Confidential Counseling Services for Individuals, Couples and Families
    • Teletherapy Appointments
    • Development Evaluations, School Readiness Testing, and Gifted/Twice Exceptional Assessments
    • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Testing (FAE, FAS and FASD)
    • College Entrance Exams for Students with Diagnosed with Select Conditions
    • IQ Testing
    • Infant Mental Health Testing
    • Testing and Support for Pregnancy-Related Mood Disorders
    • Educational Advocacy, Intervention Planning and Other Mental Health Solutions

    If You’d Like More Information about Anxiety Testing in Metro Detroit, Contact Our Office at (734) 994-9466