Types of Testing

1. Neuropsychological Assessment

Types of TestingThis is the most thorough and comprehensive of all the assessments available we offer. During the evaluation, we will examine several things:

Neuropsychological testing focuses on:

2. Developmental Assessment

This type of evaluation is completed with younger children (ages 2-5) who may be experiencing a delay with cognition, language, motor or social skills. Any of these types of delays can impact preschool adjustment.

3. Psychological Assessment

A good way to think about this assessment is “personality testing.” It typically is used for diagnostic purposes when a client is experiencing emotional or psychological distress.

4. Giftedness Evaluations

As part of school requirements or program admissions, we offer IQ testing for children ages three and older. We also assess twice-exceptional students who are gifted and struggling in school.

5. Psychoeducational Assessment

This type of assessment looks at identifying a learning disability, such as the basic academic skills in reading, writing and math. A psychoeducational evaluation will look only at these concerns and won’t address whether or not something else might be impacting the ability to learn (e.g., anxiety, motor skills or processing issues). Because the examination of these skills is a portion of the more extensive neuropsychological/psychological evaluation, it typically takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

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