ADHD Clinic for Children and Adults

ADHD Clinic for Children and AdultsMany parents that bring their children to CNLD have questions about attention. For example, is the child simply creative and an “out-of-the-box” thinker, or is s/he really struggling more than other children? Many adults we see at CNLD struggle to stay focused, remember information, organize their home or workspace and manage their time effectively. Paying attention is a complex task that involves different parts of the brain, including the executive functions. Everyone can have trouble paying attention or staying organized at one time or another, but when these problems persist for a long period of time and start interfering with daily life, it can become frustrating and overwhelming. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, may be a factor.

ADHD is a brain-based condition that affects about 8-10% of school-aged children and 4% of the adult population. It is manifested by:

  • poor attention, which may look like forgetfulness or daydreaming
  • lack of self-control, frequently interrupting others, creating disruptions, and acting impulsively
  • being distracted by irrelevant sights and sounds
  • problems with organization / planning
  • jumping from task to task or not being able to complete them
  • excessive body movements, fidgeting, and squirming
  • difficulty following through with responsibilities

If these symptoms are left untreated, ADHD can lead to frustration with school and work performance, low self-esteem, and poor social relationships. To evaluate if you or your child may have ADHD, a screening may be appropriate.

Since so many factors impact our ability to focus and may look like ADHD, diagnosing this condition is a challenging task. Therefore, a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation may be necessary to rule out these other factors.

Once an accurate diagnosis is made, we will implement a custom-built intervention plan that could include executive function coaching, cognitive-behavior therapy, parent management training, parent guidance, mindfulness/relaxation training and school/work advocacy. Each plan is tailored to an individual’s particular needs and assessment profile.

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