Learning Disabilities (LD) in Ann Arbor: Support Group Resources

SUPPORT GROUP RESOURCES An important aspect of any intervention program is receiving support from other individuals who are dealing with the same issues in order to share information about experiences and ideas regarding education and resources. The guidance provided by a support group can make the journey easier for you and/or your child. The Ann … Read more

UNPLUGGED, Vol. I: Unplug, Sit Down & Play a Board Game

Laura Hatton, MS, LLP It’s hard not to feel at least a little disconnected from others at times in our high-tech, digitally enmeshed culture. The iPhone and iPad, in their very names, stress the importance of “I” before “WE” and impact how we see the world. We are constantly looking down when we communicate, our … Read more

Assistive Technology (AT) for ADHD & LD in Ann Arbor

Assistive technology (AT) refers to any item, piece of equipment or product that is used to increase, maintain or improve the ability of individuals to perform specific tasks. AT products range from very low tech (e.g., colored highlighters) to high-tech (e.g., iPads). AT can help individuals with learning disorders and ADHD leverage their strengths and … Read more

ADHD Coaching in Ann Arbor

There are many different types of coaches who help individuals improve technique and skills to meet the demands of a specific activity (e.g., sports, dance, voice and workplace). The concept of coaching for ADHD originally was described by Hallowell and Ratey in their book, Driven to Distraction (1994, revised 2011) who emphasize that individuals with … Read more

What and Where is IQ?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is IQ?” Historically, IQ (intelligence quotient) was defined as a score or number that is calculated by dividing your mental age by your chronological age and multiplying it by 100. If that did not clarify things or you felt that was a not satisfactory answer to my original question, … Read more

You see a stranger…

You see a stranger stub her toe and you immediately flinch in sympathy, or you notice a friend wrinkle up his face in disgust while tasting some food and suddenly

Every thought and action…

Every thought and action is controlled by the brain — the body’s most complex organ. The brain is divided into functional units with particular tasks, like processing visual information

In the brain…

In the brain, nerve cells never work alone. In a neural circuit, the activity of one cell directly influences many others.