Assistive Technology (AT) for ADHD & LD in Ann Arbor

Assistive technology (AT) refers to any item, piece of equipment or product that is used to increase, maintain or improve the ability of individuals to perform specific tasks. AT products range from very low tech (e.g., colored highlighters) to high-tech (e.g., iPads). AT can help individuals with learning disorders and ADHD leverage their strengths and work around or compensate for specific learning problems. These supports can be key to helping users become more independent in school and throughout life—on the job and in activities for daily living.


Resources for math, reading and writing using AT devices

Note-taking technology for students with LD  and ADHD. This link provides information on four categories of note-taking assistance: 1) human note-takes; 2) electronic note-capturing system; 3) recording devices; and 4) software applications


Several free resources are available to help you and/or your child get ready for the new school year.


Bookshare is an accessible online library for people with documented print-based disabilities (reading, written language). Bookshare offers over 204,000 digital books, all available free for K-12, college and adult education students in the United States (must submit proof of disability to Bookshare).

Dragon Dictation

This is a speech-to-text app that allows you to speak and instantly see your email and text messages. Available for free download from the iTunes store for iPad and iPhone devices.

Google Calendars Reminders App

If organization and scheduling are difficult for you, this is a must-have app. It syncs all of your day’s tasks and to-dos and can send reminders to your phone or tablet. It’s available free for iOS and Android devices.

Google Drive

Need to share and collaborate on documents with a teacher, tutor or classmate easily ? Google Drive lets you create documents, spreadsheets and slideshows and share them with others … all for free.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress provides a free library of audio materials for circulation to eligible borrowers with reading disabilities.

Word Talk

A free plugin for Microsoft Word (available only for Windows users) that will speak the text of any Word document and highlight as it goes.

For more free resources, please visit our the AT resource page on our website, or contact our clinic.