The Importance of Having After-School Conversations with Your Kids

Mom talking to daughter about schoolwork

Do you talk to your kids after they get home from school? This may happen during the car ride home, when you get home from work, or at any time when you can all be in the same space. After-school conversations are powerful tools to fortify your relationships with your children. Here are some reasons … Read more

Train Your Brain to Learn Like a Pro

Girl Student Studying

School is back in session, but your brain may still need time to catch up. The transition back to school is tricky after summer break. Thankfully, we know some professional tips to help you focus, study, and learn like a pro. Check out these proven learning strategies.   Start Studying Early If you know you … Read more

Decision Paralysis – How to Make Decisions When You Feel Like You Can’t

Woman Thinking in Bed

When basic decisions feel overwhelming, you may fall into decision paralysis. Every task becomes a life-altering event, and you freeze under pressure. We’re here to help you push through the confusion and regain control of your day. Check out these tips for managing and conquering decision paralysis. What Is Decision Paralysis? Decision paralysis is the … Read more

How to Manage Depression during a Marital Separation

Woman Holding Ring

Marital separation is a common precursor to divorce. This is one of the most painful experiences many adults face in their relationships, and there is a strong correlation between marital disruption and depression. If you’ve found yourself in the depths of depression as a result of your separation, these tips will help you manage your … Read more

Brain Hacks to Boost Productivity Working from Home

Man With Laptop and headphones

Working from home puts your “mind over matter” skills to the test. It’s much harder to feel motivated about work when you have a comfy bed waiting for you in the other room. You have to hold yourself accountable every workday, and that’s a tough balance to master. These tips will help you boost productivity … Read more

Understanding Sleep Anxiety and How to Overcome It

Tired Woman in Bed

Do you feel anxious every night before you go to bed? Do you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep because of the battle inside your mind? Sleep anxiety can have long-term side effects, ranging from irritability to depressive episodes. This guide explains what causes sleep anxiety and how you can reduce your symptoms. What … Read more

What Is the Success Rate of Marriage Counseling?

Couple getting Counseling

Does marriage counseling actually work? This is one of the most common questions couples ask before seeking professional support. There are many advantages to couples therapy, whether you’re newly dating or you’ve been married for decades. Let’s look at the success rate of marriage counseling to help you decide if this is the right path … Read more

Dealing with Post-COVID Social Anxiety

Woman Dealing with Post-COVID Social Anxiety

The COVID-19 pandemic came with many mental health side effects, including a huge spike in social anxiety. There are approximately 76.2 million more people with anxiety now compared to pre-pandemic statistics. We’re here to break down why there was such a sharp increase in social anxiety and how you can overcome these obstacles in your … Read more

What to Do When Your Child Feels Like a Failure

Asian Girl Holding Head At School

Growing up involves a constant series of trial and error. Children test boundaries, learn new skills, meet new people, and go through a never-ending supply of firsts. This time of life is coupled with hormonal changes and tons of self-doubt, leading many children to feel like a failure. The tips below can help you navigate … Read more