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  • ADHD Screening near Detroit MI

    If you or your child is in need of an ADHD screening near Detroit MI, CNLD Testing & Therapy has appointments available. We are a leading provider of learning disability testing, ADHD evaluations, mental health exams and psychological testing services. Contact us at (734) 994-9466 to schedule an appointment.

    Does ADHD Testing Really Matter? – Benefits of ADHD Screening

    This is a question we hear from parents a lot. “Does my child need ADHD testing, or can I just say he has ADHD because of his symptoms?” If you want to pursue support at school or with childcare, you’ll need a professional evaluation. ADHD symptoms can also mimic symptoms of other conditions, so a screening will give you definitive answers.

    • Have a Professional Diagnosis Available When Seeking Support at School
    • Pinpoint Strengths and Struggles to Create a Personalized Treatment Plan Moving forward
    • Find out What Else May Be Going on – Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Autism, etc.
    • Get Answers to All Your Questions from Caring and Knowledgeable Professionals
    • Learn What the Next Steps Are and Get Support through Your Journey
    • Pursue Early Intervention for a Better Quality of Life

    ADHD testing is the first step toward personalized treatment, educational support, lifestyle adjustments, and more. This could lead to less stress, more productivity and a better quality of life. If this sounds like something you’d like to pursue, contact CNLD Testing & Therapy at (734) 994-9466 to schedule an ADHD screening near Detroit MI.

    How to Handle ADHD in School

    ADHD can significantly impact a child’s ability to focus and progress through school. This is far from a hopeless situation though. There are tons of resources available to help your child stay on task and get the support he or she needs. CNLD Testing & Therapy provides one hour of educational advocacy with ADHD screening, and we have additional services available to assist you.

    Over 6.1 million school-aged children have ADHD. Your child and your family are not alone. Let us help you through this journey so your child can navigate life with ADHD. Call (734) 994-9466 to get started.

    Testing, Treatment and Support for Your Child’s Mental Health

    CNLD Testing & Therapy offers comprehensive mental health care and psychological testing services. This includes:

    • Autism Testing
    • Learning Disability Testing, Including Dyslexia Testing and Other Learning Disorder Exams
    • Bipolar Disorder Evaluations
    • Executive Functions Coaching
    • Neurological Disorder Testing
    • Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) Testing
    • ADD Psychological Testing and ADHD Screening near Detroit MI
    • Mental Health Evaluations (Anxiety, Depression, etc.)
    • Pregnancy-Related Mood Disorder Testing and Postpartum Mental Health Support
    • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Testing and Infant Mental Health Exams
    • In-Person Counseling and Teletherapy Services
    • Educational Advocacy
    • IQ Testing and Giftedness Testing
    • Accommodations for High Stakes Exams

    If You’re in Need of an ADHD Screening near Detroit MI, Contact CNLD Testing & Therapy: (734) 994-9466

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