What to Expect during Your ADHD Screening

Think your child has ADHD? Need an official diagnosis to pursue treatment and academic support? The ADHD screening process is a little different for everyone, depending on symptoms, age and severity. This guide details what to expect from an ADHD screening so you can be better prepared for what’s to come.

Steps before the Actual Screening Appointment

Before the ADHD screening, you may have a consultation to determine which type of psychological testing or neuropsychological evaluation is right for your child. You may also complete intake paperwork for insurance verification, new patient information, HIPAA forms, etc. Many offices have these papers online, but you may need to complete some in-person at the time of the appointment.

What to Expect during an ADHD Screening

During the ADHD exam, your child will work with a licensed clinical psychologist or neuropsychologist. This will likely be someone who specializes in ADHD testing, but some professionals have overlapping specialties.

Screening may include a questionnaire, an interview with the patient and/or caregiver, exercises to complete, a behavioral assessment, or any number of other steps. The methods used for screening change based on a person’s developmental level and overall needs.

In the end, the assessor will compile all the ‘evidence’ collected during the screening to determine if ADHD is the root cause. Here at CNLD Testing & Therapy, we use the testing process to identify a person’s strengths, as well as their weaknesses, so they can pursue a personalized treatment path moving forward.

What to Do after the ADHD Screening – Treatment, Educational Support, etc.

The diagnosis is the first step in a much longer journey. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through this journey alone. CNLD Testing & Therapy strives to equip children, teens and adults with the tools they need to improve their quality of life. We’ll create a personalized intervention plan for your child, which may include working with an ADHD therapist or using our educational advocate to pursue special education accommodations.

Some children do well with ADHD medication, and we can coordinate that element of the treatment with your child’s doctor or psychiatrist. Approximately 30% of children with ADHD receive treatment with medication alone, but 32% receive medication and behavioral treatment. Approximately 15% only use behavioral treatment, and 23% do not use any treatment for ADHD.

Schedule an ADHD Screening with CNLD Testing & Therapy

From testing to treatment and every step in between, our ADHD specialists are here to assist you. CNLD Testing & Therapy provides ADHD screenings and ADHD treatment in Ann Arbor MI. We receive consistent referrals from schools and pediatricians in the area because of our high accuracy rates. Best of all, you can count on us to guide your child through life with ADHD, even into the teen and adult years.

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