Will ADHD Go away with Time?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects people from every age group and every walk of life. ADHD is often associated with younger age groups, but there are plenty of adults who live with the same symptoms. Can you grow out of ADHD? Does ADHD go away over time? Here’s a look at how ADHD changes with age.

Prevalence of ADHD in Children vs. Adults

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, somewhere between 8.7% and 11% of U.S. children have received an ADHD diagnosis. This does not take into account undiagnosed cases or children who have been misdiagnosed with a different condition.

By comparison, only 4.4% of adults have been diagnosed with ADHD. The “estimated lifetime prevalence” for ADHD in adults is around 8.1%, but all of this data indicates that ADHD may be more common among children than adults.

Looks can be deceiving though…

Why It Looks Like ADHD Goes away with Time

At first glance, some research suggests that “20 percent of children have outgrown ADHD.” That doesn’t actually mean that adults grow out of ADHD though. The more likely explanation is that adults with ADHD have learned to cope with their symptoms, especially if the symptoms were mild in their childhood. These adults may not appear to have ADHD, simply because they’ve found ways to live with it.

With personalized treatment and intervention planning, almost anyone can find ways to cope with or conquer symptoms of ADHD. You or your child may not “grow out” of ADHD, but you can minimize its effects on your life.

How to Control ADHD Symptoms as an Adult

The first step in getting effective ADHD treatment is to get a professional diagnosis. That may seem like a pain, but it’s the only way to truly identify the root cause of your symptoms. ADHD treatment will do little good if the underlying issue is a learning disability or anxiety. We highly recommend getting psychological testing to equip yourself with an accurate diagnosis.

From there, you can work with an ADHD specialist near you to find custom solutions for your struggles. At CNLD Testing & Therapy, we provide educational advocacy and intervention planning with our psychological and neuropsychological assessments. We’ll not only tell you if you/your child has ADHD, but we’ll walk you through every step to pursue support after the fact.

Early Intervention Can Lead to Easier ADHD Management

The sooner someone learns how to adapt to ADHD symptoms, the easier their life becomes. You can get support at any age, but early intervention can curb a ton of frustration. With the right tools in place, life with ADHD can feel…normal. Imagine what that would be like!

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