ADHD Psychological Testing near Saline MI

ADHD Psychological Testing near Saline MI

The best way to determine if you or your child have ADHD is through a professional evaluation. One of our specialists can review your symptoms, behaviors, struggles, and strengths to assess what’s going on below the surface. Here are some benefits of getting ADHD psychological testing:

  • Determine If You or Your Child’s Symptoms Are the Results of ADHD
  • Plan the Next Steps in Your Journey – ADHD Treatment, Executive Functions Coaching, Educational Advocacy, and More
  • Get Positive Support at Every Stage from the Licensed Specialists at CNLD Testing & Therapy
  • Explore Other Psychological Testing Services, Such as Learning Disability Testing and Autism Testing
  • We Specialize in Complex Cases and Difficult Diagnoses

Reach out to (734) 994-9466 to schedule an appointment for ADHD psychological testing near Saline MI.

Can Teens and Adults Get ADHD Psychological Testing?

The average age for an ADHD diagnosis is 7, but you can pursue ADHD psychological testing at almost any age. Most parents will notice symptoms in their children between the ages of 3 and 6, but those symptoms may not emerge until later in life. Teens and adults can get tested for ADHD, even if they’ve found ways to manage their symptoms. This diagnosis could provide special accommodations at school, adjustments at work, or a general improvement in the person’s quality of life.

CNLD Testing & Therapy offers comprehensive ADHD psychological testing near Saline MI. We also provide educational advocacy and intervention planning services to guide you through life after diagnosis. Contact us at (734) 994-9466 to schedule an appointment for yourself or your child.

Detailed Mental Health Testing and Behavioral Assessments

ADHD testing is one of many services we offer for children, teens, and adults. Some of our most sought-after services include the following:

  • Neurological Disorder Testing
  • Executive Functions Coaching and Educational Advocacy Services
  • ADD and ADHD Psychological Testing near Saline MI
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing (NVLD)
  • Anxiety and Depression Testing
  • Autism Testing
  • Learning Disability Testing, Such as Auditory Processing Disorder Testing and Dyslexia Testing
  • Bipolar Disorder Testing
  • Professional IQ Testing
  • Giftedness and Twice Exceptional Assessments
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)
  • Substance Abuse Exposure Testing and Infant Mental Health Exams
  • Counseling/Teletherapy for Children, Teens, Adults, Families, and Couples
  • Postpartum Mental Health Screenings
  • Special Education Accommodations for College Entrance Exams

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