• The terms psychological testing and neuropsychological testing are often used interchangeably, but they involve different evaluation approaches. Both types of assessments are designed to help a person understand the underlying cause for his or her struggles and find a definitive, actionable diagnosis. One assessment is more detailed than the other, but they both provide a[...]

    Learning disabilities affect all areas of life, not just education. Difficulty reading, writing and processing information can result in mental health challenges, social dilemmas, and daily frustrations. If you've gone through this or watched your child struggle, you may wonder, "Can learning disabilities be cured?" In this discussion, we'll go over potential treatments for learning[...]

    Tips for Understanding Working Memory:  Confusion exists regarding the difference between short-term memory and working memory. Some psychologists believe they are one and the same. Other psychologists differentiate between short-term memory and working memory. Short-term memory typically refers to brief, initial storage of information. For example, if I told you a phone number, you would[...]