Pre and post pregnancy Related Mood Disorders

Pre and post pregnancy Related Mood DisordersAre you feeling sad or depressed?  Are you having difficulty bonding with your baby? Do you feel anxious or panicky? Do you feel as if you are “out of control” or “going crazy”? Do you feel like you never should have become a mother?

While pregnancy and birth of a child are often viewed as a joyous occasion, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms please recognize that you are not alone.  Women of every culture, age, income level and race can develop perinatal mood and anxiety disorders any time during pregnancy through the first year of your child’s life.  At CNLD Testing & Therapy we are experienced in providing effective treatment that can prevent worsening of your symptoms and can lead to full recovery.

Your therapist at CNLD Testing & Therapy will help you recognize and manage your mood disorder symptoms, while providing strategies to develop a strong attachment to your baby.  Our experienced and skilled team of therapists are ready to help you feel like you again.

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