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All of the gears are working together right now – Tisha’s needs connected to her FAS at home and school are being addressed, she’s started on medication that’s helping, and life is so much easier. We’ll likely be in touch regarding guidance for her senior year. Please know that we will also recommend several friends to your clinic because of the great experience we had with Tisha’s assessment.

Robert A.

I honestly never thought I’d say this, but Nicholas is really enjoying school. Reading has become much easier for him – thanks to the suggestions you’ve made. We go back often to the recommendations from the report you wrote – it really helps us all remember where we were just a few months ago and how far Nick has come since his evaluation. The other day, he finished a book and said how much he enjoyed it – another first! Thanks for all the assistance.

Stacy K.

Coming to see you for an evaluation was so helpful and I’m so happy that I did this. After struggling for years with ADHD – but not knowing that’s what it was – and almost completely ruining our marriage because of it, your diagnosis helped more than you could know. Now I know that it’s not just me – the diagnosis has turned our lives around and helped me feel more accomplished at work. Thanks again for everything.

Sandy and Bob M.

We followed through with the therapist you recommended for Katy’s speech issues, and are seeing steady improvement each week. She looks forward to meeting with her each week – they have really made a connection that also helps her with the social anxieties she previously experienced. This process was very worthwhile since she now recognizes that she can do anything with guidance and assistance. She’s making friends and not avoiding school for the first time in years. Seeing her genuinely smile again is wonderful – thanks for guiding us on the path to a happier Katy.

Madelyn S.

Autism is a tough enough thing to live with every day, but add in emotional and social issues and things can get pretty overwhelming! Your ability to take all these complicated issues, bring them together, and provide clear and concise guidelines for how to make things better – how can we thank you? Of course, there are still struggles (and always will be), but we understand now how to lessen the frustration level when we see Sarah escalating. We’ll keep you posted on how she’s doing.

Thanks again.

Mark B.

We’ve been looking for individual therapy for Abby for a while because of her self-esteem issues, and have heard such great things about your clinic, which is why we finally called. Talk about an answer to prayers! She’s opened up more with all of us in the family, which she’d never done before therapy, and she’s feeling better about herself. Keep up the good work!

Rebecca and Brian N.

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. I appreciated your willingness to meet with me and give me so many resources, ideas and people to contact regarding Mark’s seizure disorder. I had a fruitful meeting with the doctor you recommended.

I would love to be kept appraised of the meetings with your professional group. Thank you for the opportunity to participate and learn from your colleagues. Again, I am grateful for the opportunity to meet you and learn more from you in the future.

Kathy L.

Your assessment helped in countless ways. Brendon really liked working with all of you – even more than going to school! His IEP finally lays out important plans for him for next school year, which will make things so much easier for him in the classroom. Thank you for attending this meeting and providing guidance to the school staff.

His attitude at home is considerably better now as well. With the intervention plan you laid out for him, Brendon tends to focus better, knows what steps to take to have less frustration with studying, and his behavior has improved. Thanks again for helping not only Brendon, but our entire family as well!

Kim S.

Almost a year and a half ago you diagnosed Josh with Asperger’s syndrome. Our family will never forget you and your staff’s kindness, knowledge and sincere efforts to help us with our “journey.”

Your report was detailed and thoughtful on how to understand and assist Josh. Thank you. You really did make that “first step” of discovery feel hopeful.

Mary W.

Wow! Getting everyone “on board” at Zach’s school – teachers, administrators, and special ed staff – has made all the difference in the world. The action plan you recommended has really paid off. His teachers comment that he grasps classroom concepts better now and he’s not as reluctant to participate in group activities. As you know, this is a huge improvement for our little guy. Thanks for all the efforts, the extra meeting times and (most of all) helping Zach improve his abilities to learn in school.

Tom and Christine F.

After years of knowing I didn’t learn like everyone else, coming to you was eye opening. Being diagnosed with a learning disability wasn’t an easy thing to hear, but it sure gave me an idea of what I can do now to make things better at work. The outline of helpful books and articles to read, suggestions like slowing down and repeating what people say back to them, and meeting with my employer so she also better understands my LD – each one has made a huge difference in how I look at work each day. Thanks so much for removing questions and providing answers.

Amy H.