Is Delayed Speech a Sign of Autism?

Father Talking to Son

Are you worried about your child’s speech development? Not sure if you should pursue an autism screening? Early diagnosis is always ideal because it allows for early intervention. Children who receive autism treatment at an early age are far better equipped to manage autism symptoms (Source). Let’s explore the correlation between speech delay and autism … Read more

Why Do I Get Sad in the Fall?

Woman Holding Umbrella

Some people love the shift from summer to fall. The crisp breeze in the air ignites their fondest memories. For others, the fall is a dreaded time of year. This is when their depression peaks and they struggle to get through each passing day. If you’re in the latter category, know you’re not alone. This … Read more

Work/Life Balance Tips for Workaholics

Man working late into the night.

Are you struggling to balance your work and personal life? Nearly half of working Americans (48%) consider themselves workaholics. Working from home further blurs the line between work and family, making it difficult to be productive in either setting. These work/life balance tips for workaholics can help you make the most of your time. Create … Read more