Neuropsychological Testing in Michigan

Neuropsychological Testing in Michigan with Girl Looking at WomanWhen someone contacts our office, the conversation almost always starts with “What’s wrong with my child?” or “What’s wrong with me?” There have been symptoms, difficulties and frustrations leading up to that phone call, but what the person lacks is answers. This is where we step in to put the puzzle together and figure out what’s going on below the surface. CNLD Testing & Therapy provides neuropsychological testing in Michigan, including:

  • Autism Testing and Asperger’s Testing
  • ADHD Testing, ADD Testing and Learning Disabilities Testing
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing and Neurological Disorders Testing
  • Anxiety Testing, Depression Testing and Other Mental Health Evaluations
  • Development and School Readiness Testing
  • Giftedness Testing and Twice Exceptional Testing
  • Bipolar Disorder Testing
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Testing (FAS, FAE and FASD)
  • High Stakes Exams Accommodations and IQ Testing
  • Infant Mental Health Testing
  • And Other Forms of Psychological / Neuropsychological Testing in Michigan

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What Does Neuropsychological Testing Diagnose?

A neuropsychological assessment is designed to pinpoint the root cause of academic, social, behavioral and developmental struggles. Our testing services not only identify areas for improvement, but we also determine what a person’s unique strengths are. We can use these strengths to create an effective intervention plan for a better quality of life.

Neuropsychological testing evaluates:

  • Motor Function and Executive Functions
  • Memory and Cognition
  • Language Abilities and Learning Disabilities
  • Sensory Perception (Vision, Hearing and Touch)
  • Attention Deficits and Behavioral Concerns
  • Social Skills
  • Visual-Spatial Understanding
  • Problem Solving, Reasoning and Decision Making
  • Emotional Status (Depression, Anxiety, etc.)
  • And Other Matters Pertaining to Cognitive Abilities and Intellect

For more information or to schedule an appointment for neuropsychological testing in Michigan, contact CNLD Testing & Therapy at (734) 994-9466.

Compassionate Guidance Long after the Diagnosis – Life after Neuropsychological Testing

Testing is step one, but what happens after that? You can use your diagnosis to seek effective therapy, educational advocacy, school/work accommodations, and many other resources. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the process to create a better quality of life for yourself or your loved one. Our office is located at:

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If You’re Interested in Psychological or Neuropsychological Testing in Michigan, Contact CNLD Testing & Therapy at (734) 994-9466