What Causes Test Anxiety?

Anxious young woman with hand on head feeling tired while studying at school in classroom. College student suffering from headache in library preparing for test. Portrait of troubled and stressed girl doing exam that doesn"u2019t know the answers.

Most students face some nervousness before a test, but for many, those nerves become debilitating. This is when general nervousness crosses the line into test anxiety. If you or your child suffers from test anxiety, understanding its roots could give you the tools to overcome it. Read on to learn what causes test anxiety. What … Read more

What Does an Educational Advocate Do?

Encouraging mature high school guidance counselor smiles as she discusses education options with female high school students.

Educational advocates play a vital role in helping parents and students access academic accommodations. There are many resources that students with learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, intellectual delays, and other challenges can utilize. Educational advocates know how to connect these students with the assets available to them, creating a streamlined plan for educational support. … Read more

How Do I Know If My Child Is Dyslexic?

Shot of an adorable little boy reading a book while relaxing on the sofa at home

Worried about your child’s reading and writing skills? Feel like your child isn’t developing at the same pace as their peers? These are common reasons parents seek dyslexia testing. In this guide, we’ll explain how to determine if your child is dyslexic and how to get support after a dyslexia diagnosis. What Is Dyslexia? Dyslexia … Read more

Why It’s OK to Go to Bed Angry

Young couple having arguments and sexual problems in bed

Long ago, someone made a rule that couples should “never go to bed angry.” While that may work for some situations, most deep discussions cannot be neatly packaged into an evening. Many couples need that night of sleep to collect their thoughts, process their emotions, and come into the discussion with fresh eyes. Read on … Read more

Couples Conflict Resolution: How to Stop Circular Arguments

Shot of a happy young couple relaxing at home

“We have the same argument over and over.” This is one of the most common statements we hear in couples therapy sessions. If it feels like your fights never go anywhere, you may be trapped in a circular argument. Check out these conflict resolution tips to break the cycle, close the discussion, and improve communication … Read more

Does Anxiety Treatment Work without Medication?

Close up of hands at counseling session.

Over 40 million adults in America have anxiety, but only 36.9% of them receive treatment. Most forms of anxiety are highly treatable, either with counseling, with medication, or with a combination of the two. Let’s explore different types of anxiety treatment to find out which path is best for you. Anxiety Counseling vs. Anxiety Medication … Read more

Does Mental Health Affect Physical Health?

Couple outdoors smiling.

Let’s face it. You’ve been ignoring your mental health needs. “I don’t want to work on my anxiety, so I’ll just deal with it for now.” But what happens when your mental health starts affecting your physical health? What if improving your mind improved your body as a whole? Read on to learn how your … Read more

How to Get Better Sleep for Better Mental Health

Woman sleeping with phone and watch nearby.

Did you know that a good night of sleep could actually improve your mental health? Approximately 35% of American adults get less than seven hours of sleep per night, and many never achieve a truly restful night of sleep. If you’re in this category or you just want to improve your sleep routine, check out … Read more

What Atypical Got Wrong about Autism – Part 2

Person with Ipad watching Netflix with feet up.

In the first part of our Atypical review, we discussed the accurate ways Netflix portrayed autism spectrum disorder in their hit show. There were some notable missteps though that are important to correct for autism awareness. Here are a few critiques about Atypical, courtesy of our autism testing and treatment center. What Netflix Missed for … Read more

Is Atypical an Accurate Representation of Autism?

Person with Ipad watching Netflix with feet up.

Netflix recently released the fourth and final season of Atypical. The show highlights one character’s transition into adulthood and how autism spectrum disorder (ASD) impacts that journey. The question is: Does Atypical accurately represent autism? Here’s a detailed analysis from the autism specialists at CNLD Testing & Therapy. We provide autism testing, executive functions coaching, … Read more