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Roger E. Lauer, Ph.D.
Lisa Woodcock-Burroughs, Ph.D.
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Roger E. Lauer, Ph.D. Director
Lisa Woodcock-Burroughs, Ph.D. Assistant Director
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NEUROFIT Brain Training

NEUROFIT Brain Training is a research-based program designed to enhance cognitive skills that impact a child’s academic performance. For example, how we plan, pay attention, remember sequences (e.g., decoding words) and understand the “big picture” by seeing how parts relate to the whole (e.g., reading comprehension). When a child is taught to act in a planful way, they develop effective strategies to pay attention, complete a task, monitor the effectiveness of those strategies, and modify them as necessary.

NEUROFIT Brain Training is geared for children from elementary through high school. A skilled clinician works with children individually, guiding them through activities that target their specific needs. Activities are engaging and stimulating, bridging between an abstract task and its academic counterpart. Early successes in the program builds confidence and resiliency that helps children and teens feel more positive toward academics.  Sessions are generally held twice per week for 15 weeks, one hour sessions.

NEUROFIT focuses on targeted skill building in a variety of different areas, including:

  • Focusing and Paying Attention
  • Recall and Remembering
  • Sequencing or Ordering of Material
  • Comprehension of Information
  • Understanding the “Big Picture”
  • Monitoring and Planning
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Addressing “Wh” Questions (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How)
  • Flexibility and Shifting of Strategies

How does NEUROFIT work?

  • Using interesting and enjoyable activities to build cognitive skills necessary for successful learning.
  • Improves self-confidence with learning using a step-by-step program.
  • Opportunities for practice are built into the program to strengthen skills in different settings.
  • Improves motivation for learning and using new skills in real-life situations.

D’Ann Kirkland, MS, LLP is our lead clinician for the NEUROFIT Brain Training Program.  She is assisted by Lisa Woodcock-Burroughs, Ph.D., and Jen McCulloch, LMSW.

If you would like more information, or to discuss scheduling you or your child for training, contact our office or check out our NEUROFIT brochure by clicking here.

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